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Monday, December 29, 2003

Life is Oh so sweet!
Well Gary, the dubious position that I have been voluntarily, elected with great honors to serve in my little fieifedom is that of a political committee chair, namely, Republican House District 66A Committee Chair.

Now, Now - no need to bow or laugh hard in my direction - I will understand. It really is of no great importance but is filled with voluntary chores and obligations. By the way - precinct caucuses are coming up this March 2nd, Tuesday evening - hope to see you there. If not, I will have to hunt you down like the lazy democratic dog you turned into. (HaHa, a little more hummer you could do without.)

Say Gary, Is it not funny (well, maybe not) that Hatch and his "Lackies" down in Mower County have the county attorney file a complaint and get an indictment against Eibensteiner (chair of the Sate Republican Party) "Gary for some reason the rest of dialog was lost - I will have to try and write it again later. I am too tired to rewrite what I had put down here -there was quite a bit."

Does this blog limit your number of character writing? Oh, well.

What would you like to hear on the inner workings of the political system?

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