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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Life of a Committee Chair (Nope, not a piece of furniture.)
Well, gentlemen, there lots of things to keep me busy with this voluntary position. And you too could be elected to any exhalted position - just do not leave the room when the decision is being made or you may just find out you have elected Chair, Co-Chair, Vice Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasure and so on.

I really do enjoy the work and my time spent on these political activities. I have met a lot of great and wonderful like minded people to discuss issues. It is just another way of being connected to what is going on in the world, especially if you like politics.

Being an officer in a political committee does not require year round or daily attention. There are times in the year when you are needed to volunteer more time towards working on activities, attending meetings, plan fundraising, precinct caucuses, conventions and other things. But for the most part, it is something I can do in my spare time, my hobby.

There are other people in the Republican HD 66A Committee: the treasurer, secretary, and vice chairs which are known as the Executive Committee. The HD 66A Committee membership also consists of the Precinct Officers (those that attend Precinct Caucus night & sign up or get elected to an officer position for their precinct). The HD 66A Committee with the executive committee members and the precinct officers is known as the Full Committee. The Committee is governed by the House District Constitution, 4th Congressional Constitution, and the State Party Constitution. The constitutions lay out our responsibilites & duties.

This upcoming year I will be working on making the Rep. HD 66A Com. a stronger committee through better participation, more neighborhood meetings, & communication to Republicans living in the House District. Well, that's the plan.

Nick, Have you given thought about attending the Precinct Caucuses where you live? Keep it in mind - Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004, 7 pm. Go to site to find out where/which House District, Ward and Precinct you live in. Let me know Ward & Precinct - I can find out where the local Republican caucuses are being held or Democrat for that matter.

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