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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Dr. Rice
Speaking of Dr. Rice, Mark Steyn offers this comment:

It's just a suggestion but maybe if you're that convinced of Republican stupidity you ought to write about something else between now and, say, the start of Condi Rice's second term in 2013.

I don't know why he picks the start of her second term as a time to resume writing about Republican stupidity - I think he was just looking for a chance to use the phrase, "Condi Rice's second term in 2013". I love that phrase! Would that not be the greatest? President Condaleeza Rice!!! The implications of that are too wonderful to believe possible. Here are some: a) 1st black president is a Republican, b) 1st woman president is a Republican, c) Jesse Jackson & co. are rendered powerless, d) foreign policy is at the forefront of the president's agenda, e) the cry of "racism" in America would be patently laughable, f) another excellent Republican president. There's so much more. Where do I sign up for campaign duty?

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