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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Best & Worst Movies of '03
Michael Medved's list of the best movies of 2003:

10. Pirates of the Caribbean
9. Mystic River
8. Secondhand Lions
7. Gods & Generals
6. Bend It Like Beckham
5. Radio
4. School of Rock
3. LOTR: Return of the King
2. Master & Commander
1. In America

The worst:

10. Kill Bill
9. Cat in the Hat
8. Hollywood Homicide
7. The Hulk
6. My Boss' Daughter
5. View From The Top
4. Spy Kids 3D
3. Beyond Borders
2. The Order
1. Gigli

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Re: The Chairman's Life
Mr. Chairman, again I say "thank you." It's guys like you that make the whole process work. Keep it up, man.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

The Life of a Committee Chair (Nope, not a piece of furniture.)
Well, gentlemen, there lots of things to keep me busy with this voluntary position. And you too could be elected to any exhalted position - just do not leave the room when the decision is being made or you may just find out you have elected Chair, Co-Chair, Vice Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasure and so on.

I really do enjoy the work and my time spent on these political activities. I have met a lot of great and wonderful like minded people to discuss issues. It is just another way of being connected to what is going on in the world, especially if you like politics.

Being an officer in a political committee does not require year round or daily attention. There are times in the year when you are needed to volunteer more time towards working on activities, attending meetings, plan fundraising, precinct caucuses, conventions and other things. But for the most part, it is something I can do in my spare time, my hobby.

There are other people in the Republican HD 66A Committee: the treasurer, secretary, and vice chairs which are known as the Executive Committee. The HD 66A Committee membership also consists of the Precinct Officers (those that attend Precinct Caucus night & sign up or get elected to an officer position for their precinct). The HD 66A Committee with the executive committee members and the precinct officers is known as the Full Committee. The Committee is governed by the House District Constitution, 4th Congressional Constitution, and the State Party Constitution. The constitutions lay out our responsibilites & duties.

This upcoming year I will be working on making the Rep. HD 66A Com. a stronger committee through better participation, more neighborhood meetings, & communication to Republicans living in the House District. Well, that's the plan.

Nick, Have you given thought about attending the Precinct Caucuses where you live? Keep it in mind - Tuesday, March 2nd, 2004, 7 pm. Go to site to find out where/which House District, Ward and Precinct you live in. Let me know Ward & Precinct - I can find out where the local Republican caucuses are being held or Democrat for that matter.

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Sport of the Future?
Here is my New Year's Prediction for the Future:

That there will be a new sport on the Internet affectionately called "Bloggering" were the "Bloggers" give rise and prominence to the "Blog" sites, which in turn will create corporate sponsors, tournament matches & some rich "Bloggers."

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Something of interest?
I, for one, Gary, find every utterance that falls from your lips to be of the greatest interest.

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USA Today today has a critique of the blogosphere and its effect on politics. I was a little surprised they didn't mention us, but it was a short article. The last sentence,

"That's one of the fantastic things about the blogosphere and the Internet," Bevan says. "If you have something to say that's interesting, you will eventually be heard."

Hopefully, we'll have something interesting to say.

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Re: Committee Chairman
Oh, and fourth, thank you for serving. Your work is appreciated. Hail you!

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Re: Committee Chair
First of all, I'm sure being a committee chair is a great honor and well deserved, but I don't think I can, in good conscience, blog with a piece of furniture. So, if you don't mind, I will refer to you as the Committee Chairman and address you as Mr. Chairman.

Second, Mr. Chairman, what are your responsibilities? Do you have people (minions who do your bidding and arrange things)? Does the chairmanship require your efforts year-round or just during the caucus season?

Third, I just inked March 2 on my calendar. I'll do my best to be there.

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Re: Sowell's Random Thoughts
Man, he finished with a flurry, didn't he?

The death penalty for the D.C. sniper was said to be because he "showed no remorse." When the law gives a price list for committing various crimes, why should there be a discount for acting ability?

One of the reasons psychology is so popular on the left may be that it enables them to do an end run around facts and logic, and attribute other people's disagreements with them to unworthy motives or irrational drives.

As a rule of thumb, Congressional legislation that is bipartisan is usually twice as bad as legislation that is partisan.

Whenever people talk glibly of a need to achieve educational "excellence," I think of what an improvement it would be if our public schools could just achieve mediocrity.

Great stuff. Thanks, Dr. Sowell.

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Monday, December 29, 2003

Thomas Sowell
Thomas Sowell is a national treasure. I think I've said that before. The US government ought to erect a statue of him on the Mall in Washington. He and Walter Williams should never be allowed to drive together or fly together. Being black, they are largely immune to the cries of racism, allowing them to say things that need to be said.

And is there anything finer in this great world than a good dose of Random Thoughts from Professor Sowell?

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Welcome aboard, Paul
Paul, welcome aboard. It's good to have a Banterer with a little gravitas and insight into the political goings on in our fine state. As we approach the 2004 election, I look forward to hearing your insights into the machinations and perturbations that go on in the wheels of the body politic.

I don't think that you are limited in blog length. Maybe if you have a long one, do it in notepad first, and see how it gets posted.

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That Left Foot
Gary, I am sorry, but you are simply wrong about that left foot. He was falling out of bounds after jumping up and backwards to make the grab. No jig dancing for him.

The ref blew the call.

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Life is Oh so sweet!
Well Gary, the dubious position that I have been voluntarily, elected with great honors to serve in my little fieifedom is that of a political committee chair, namely, Republican House District 66A Committee Chair.

Now, Now - no need to bow or laugh hard in my direction - I will understand. It really is of no great importance but is filled with voluntary chores and obligations. By the way - precinct caucuses are coming up this March 2nd, Tuesday evening - hope to see you there. If not, I will have to hunt you down like the lazy democratic dog you turned into. (HaHa, a little more hummer you could do without.)

Say Gary, Is it not funny (well, maybe not) that Hatch and his "Lackies" down in Mower County have the county attorney file a complaint and get an indictment against Eibensteiner (chair of the Sate Republican Party) "Gary for some reason the rest of dialog was lost - I will have to try and write it again later. I am too tired to rewrite what I had put down here -there was quite a bit."

Does this blog limit your number of character writing? Oh, well.

What would you like to hear on the inner workings of the political system?

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Re: Mike Hatch
It's not too surprising that the no-holds-barred Attorney General is granting favors to political allies. What did surprise me in this story (on the MN GOP website) is that it was investigated by the Minneapolis Star Tribune!

"That was one of many questions raised by a Minneapolis Star Tribune front-page investigative report earlier this year into the DFL Attorney General's cozy relationship with the Qwest union."

Although, again in the 'not-surprising' category, I haven't heard anything about it since. It vanished in the black hole of news reports showing liberals in a bad light - never to be heard from again.

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Welcome, Paul
Easy, fella. Take a deep breath ... Now another ... You're going to be fine.

Next, purge any thoughts of equity. Replace them with thoughts of excellence. I know you won't disappoint.

Now, remind me again (if you would), what your position is in our precinct caucus? It should be fun to hear your perspective on the inner workings of the political system.

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Thank you Gary, for letting me know about this blog site "Banterings." And thank you Nick for letting me get in on some of this good old/new bloggering. I have always enjoyed going to a few other blogger sites, i.e.: & Right-Thinking from the Left Coast, and reading but never contributing. Well, things have changed and here I am.

I only hope - I can live up - to those lowerly standards - that the public school system so eagerly strives for --- outcome equity.

OH No! I think I need help - I turning into a diversified educrat!


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DFL Attorney Mike Hatch’s Cozy Relationship with Quest Union Raises Serious Questions
It would appear that Attorney General Mike Hatch knows how to play Santa Claus when deciding which companies have been "Bad" and which ones have been "Good." I guess the only worst thing than a Grinch would be a "Bad Santa Mike" (A.K.A. - Attorney General Hatch). Bad Santa evidently checked his list twice before delivering the Christmas present to Qwest. I do believe - every "Bad Santa" has greater aspirations of being an even worst Governor!

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Thomas Sowell
I love Thomas Sowell. He's written a 3-part series in defense of profits. He makes his points so easy to understand I wonder why it's taken me so long to get it. Maybe that just highlights my deficiencies, but I think, rather, it highlights his genius. He, among so many, is the one who makes it crystal clear.

Here's the killer point from the first segment:
If profits were just extra costs arbitrarily added on to the costs of production, then non-profit institutions or whole countries that operated without profit, such as the Soviet Union, would have had lower costs. Almost invariably, however, enterprises that operate without the incentive of profit have had higher costs, not lower costs.

Economically illiterate people -- which, unfortunately includes much of the intelligentsia -- have never understood the role of profit as an incentive to keep costs down.

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Re: Your left foot
No, he wasn't already falling out. He came down in balance. He could have danced a jig in bounds after he came down. He could have danced the entire Riverdance show in bounds. He could have pitched a teepee and made a sweat lodge in bounds. He could have been ticketed for loitering in bounds. Give him glass box and he could have broken the record set by the guy hanging from the Tower Bridge in London - in bounds.

Give it up, my friend. It's over. Root for the T'Wolves. Forget the Vikings, they're no good for you.

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That Left Foot
I totally agree the Vikings had no business even being in the position to be able to lose the game on the final play like that. They choked, plain and simple.

That being said, I will reiterate: There is NO WAY that he gets that foot down. His right foot is barely in, and he is already falling backwards and out of bounds before Russell touches him. His left foot is 18 inches in the air. Are you telling me that he puts that foot down in front of the foot that is barely in bounds? No way. No freaking way. Not a chance. The refs blew it, plain and simple.

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Yes, you are the only guy in America who thinks the receiver would have been out of bounds anyway. All I can say is it's hard to defend a pass (or cover an onside kick attempt, or score from 4th-and-1-inch) when you have both hands around your neck! Talk about not winning the games you're supposed to win, none of these teams - NYG, SD, Oakland, Arizona - would have 4 wins without the Purple on their sked. What a generous team.

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No way that left foot gets down
I confess that I didn't listen to the call-in shows today, but am I the only guy in America who thinks there is no way that Poole gets his left foot down and in boudns even if Brian Russell never touches him?

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Take the Trash...Please
When I lived in Illinois, I lived in a very well run town called Swansea. We had an interesting way of paying for garbage pickup. We bought stickers and put them on the garbage cans. This way, we only paid for the garbage that was collected, and didn't pay if we didn't have garbage. They picked up the recycling for free, so the economic incentive was to recycle and not produce garbage.

I agree, though. Garbage isn't even remotely a problem.

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Wodehousemania in The Corner
Did you see the reference in the Corner to Gussie Fink-Nottle?

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Why the Trash You Sort Isn't Getting Recycled
Of course, we are now learning that the fearful warnings we've been force fed by the environmentalist wackos aren't entirely true. In this article in American Outlook we find:

-- People today are actually throwing away less trash (in both volume and tonnage) than in previous, less-affluent generations. ...the average U.S. household today generates one-third less trash than the average family in Mexico!

-- Commercial processing and packaging of 1,000 chickens adds about 17 pounds of paper and plastic wrap but turns (recycles) about 2,000 pounds of chicken by-products into useful purposes.

-- All the trash we're expected to dump in the next 100 years would fit into a landfill about 10 miles square.

-- The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), never likely to minimize a pollution risk, says leakage from modern America's landfills can be expected to cause one cancer-related death over the next 50 years.

-- Franklin Associates, which consults for EPA, says extensive recycling is 35 percent more expensive than conventional disposal, and curbside recycling is 55 percent more expensive.

In other words, the dire warnings were overwrought (at best, and more likely, just lies). Here's my new strategy - save only aluminum cans and put them out once a month.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Merry Christmas
Well, the Rib Roast has been eaten, the presents have been all wrapped and under the tree, and Santa should be arriving any minute. I am actually lying in bed typing this as I get ready to hit the hay (How great is it that I can lie in bed and make a blog entry?) as no doubt I will be awoken at a desparately early hour tomorrow by my three screaming, anxious children.

With all that said, I wish you all a Merry Christmas. May God richly bless each one of you on the day of His birth.

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No Sense of Respect
Apparently there is a large number of snivelling, whining press people who think that Bush is hiding something because the fact that the Pentagon won't allow nosy, obnoxious reporters and cameramen to film the coffins of fallen heros returning from Iraq. How about this? We'll let them in to film the coffins, etc., but they have to let me come and film all of the funerals of all of their family members for the next ten years.

Or maybe they'd just drop the partisan "freedom of the press" crap and show a little respect.

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Things looking up in the NBA Eastern Conference!
Hey, the Atlantic Division leader, New Jersey, is above .500! Of course, they'd be in last place in the Midwest Division, but never mind.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Great Quote
It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded, not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religions, but on the gospel of Jesus Christ! For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here.

Patrick Henry, (1736-1799) US Founding Father

(Thanks to Paul M. for sending this.)

"For this very reason peoples of other faiths have been" what? Shut out of our country? Persecuted? Treated as second class citizens? No, they "have been afforded asylum, prosperity, and freedom of worship here."

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Malvo Dodges a Bullet, Unlike His Victims
Sadly, it seems that "Poor Widdle Wee Mauvo" will not get the death penalty. Apparently you weren't too young to fall under his reign of terror, but he is too young to be executed. Oh well.

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Re: "Save us!"
Hmmm ... I'm trying to figure out where the term "loony left" comes from ... hmmm ... hold on, it'll come to me ...

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"Please, Howard, Save Us From the Evil Capitalists!"
What we have to look forward to in Dean's America.

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Come on, now, Gary
Oh, for goodness sakes, Gary, I think you are being a bit moralistic here. Lord knows that old people suffer and can be such a burden to their children and society at large. And who can face a life of having to care for a sick or disabled child when a simple act of compassion will remove it? The parents have lives, too, you know. When it's time to go, it is time to go. It's the compassionate thing to relieve suffering, and we all know how much suffering there is to relieve.

I think I just threw up in my mouth.

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"Termination without request or consent."
Another reason Europe is a dangerous place - legalized euthanasia. Not only do doctors kill patients who request death, 'doctors' take it upon themselves to end the lives of patients who have not asked to be 'put down' - it's called "termination without request or consent." And though it's illegal in the Netherlands, the murderers are rarely prosecuted and never punished. Dutch children are also at risk:

According to a 1997 study published in the British medical journal The Lancet, approximately 8 percent of all Dutch infant deaths result from lethal injections.

Belgium also has legalized euthanasia. Switzerland has legalized assisted suicide.

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Re: Heat Wave
I was thinking of France this summer as well. Good 'get' on the Andrew Stuttaford Corner entry. How did you find that? Well done.

Not only does socialism kill, Kyoto kills.

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Socialism Kills
Gary, sadly, stuff like this is all too common. In France, thousands (I don't exaggerate) of people died during a heatwave last summer. I am certain that British Gas is a state-run monopoly. The lack of competition for gas in Britain and electricity to run air conditioners in France leaves such people vulnerable. Sad but true.

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UK cold snap kills 2,500 in a week

The bodies of George Bates, 89, and his wife Gertrude, 86, were found huddled in the living room of the home they had shared for 64 years.

British Gas, which was owed £140.62 by the couple, said the Data Protection Act had prevented them from passing information to social services.

What is going on here? Come on socialists, take care of your sheep!

I can't tell if British Gas is privately owned or not, or if it's a state-sanctioned monopoly. You don't see things like this happening in the U.S., do you? I suppose it does on occasion. The article above says 50,000 people are expected to die this winter due to the cold.

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Of Course the Packers Would Win
We here at Banterings of course extend our condolences and sympathies to the family of Brett Favre upon the sudden loss of his father. The following comments should in no way be taken as in anyway disrespectful.

In my view, Oakland didn't stand a chance last night after it was announced that Favre's father died. Once you get the "He's watching me from above" factor going, there's no way Favre wasn't going to have a great game. If Favre's father were still alive, Oakland might have caught the Pack flat-footed, but once the whole "My father has died and I am going to go out and win this one for him" vibe came it to play, Oakland might has well not even bothered to show up.

Good grief, I hate the Packers. Is there anyway they don't make the playoffs? I actually read that it is possible that we play them here in the Dome in the first round. That might even be better -- I'd love to beat them in a playoff game.

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Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle
Red Ryder lives! I'm sure you've seen A Christmas Story, the movie about the boy who wants a BB gun for Christmas. Well, Red Ryder was an actual comic strip and movie character. OpinionJournal has an article on the creator of Red Ryder, Fred Harman. Next time you're passing through Pagosa Springs, Colorado, stop in at the Fred Harman Museum and see his Red Ryder and Little Beaver comic strips. He also produced "350 oils, pen-and-ink drawings, and bronzes of rodeos, cowpokes and other rustic scenes, a handful of which are on display here."

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Monday, December 22, 2003

Good Money After Bad
Every year, my alma mater, Carleton College, dutifullly has some undergraduate call me up and ask for money as part of the school's annual fund drive. On top of that, they send me a steady stream of solicitations via the US Postal Service, having done a stellar job of keeping up with my current address as I moved around the globe since graduating. Generally, I don't send them a dime. No, not generally, never. I used to send $10 or whatever, but now I send nothing. Carleton is a bastion of liberalism and political correctness. Shoot, they produced Paul Wellstone, and so I see no point in sending any money to an institution that does nothing more than produce a whole bunch of vapid lefties. I don't have a lot of money to spare, and what I do spare I want to give to advance the Gospel. Seems only right.

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Re: Broadway Joe
That's pretty funny. You know, every interviewer is just looking for the truth from the interviewee. Joe was doing his level best to be a good interview.

I like her reply, "Thanks Joe. A huge compliment."

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Hugh Hewitt -- A Great Minnesotan
Ahh, Hugh Hewitt is so smart and wise.

I love it when people distill things down to their essence, to the one or two sentences which make clear the core of some thought or idea. Like, take the war on terror:

There are tens of millions of people who want tens of millions of Americans dead. Their motivations may vary, and their ability to carry out their intentions are sometimes quite limited, though unfortunately quite capable in some segments of their numbers. There is no choice but to kill the competent among them first, and there are no international organizations that will do the job for us, and it is folly to trust such organizations to act in our place.

That's it, isn't it? There are a bunch of evil people who want to kill us and our children. The only way to stop them is to kill them first. The US is divided into two groups of people as a result -- those who realize this, and those who can't think clearly.

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Broadway Joe
You think Joe had a few before the game?

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You should be afraid, Muamar
"I will do whatever the Americans want, because I saw what happened in Iraq, and I was afraid."

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Re: Religious Discrimination
What I love is then the deny funding to a Christian group because they are "too controversial" or "religiously-based", but then fund the lesbians, and the muslims and the rest of the Usual PervertsTM. There was such an incident recently -- I wish I could remember where.

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Al Gore's Doper Son
Still waiting for this to get the same amount of attention that the Bush girls did when they strayed across the legal line.

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Religious Discrimination
I write "Religious Discrimination," but in situations like this, it is almost uniformly Christians being discriminated against.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) does excellent work in challenging discriminatory administrations on college campuses. In this case, a Christian pro-life group (Gonzaga Pro-Life Law Caucus) was denied recognition at Gonzaga University's School of Law. The reason for its disqualification? The group requires their leadership be Christian. Imagine that! We all know that a Muslim can just as capably lead a Christian group as any Christian can. Hindus have a fine record leading Hindu groups, why should they be denied the opportunity to lead a Christian group? Allowing atheists to be leaders would increase the diversity of the group. After all, "diversity is our strength."

It is obviously stupid for Albert Guadagno and the School of Law's Student Bar Association (SBA) to require a Christian group to allow non-Christian leaders. It is also clear that Albert Guadagno and the SBC have an anti-Christian bias and are not dealing fairly with this group. We see it over and over again. The negative attitude coming out against Mel Gibson's "The Passion" is another prime example. There's a spiritual dimension to this attitude. People are exposed to what is right and righteous and are convicted of their own sin and they lash out.

The final irony in the Gonzaga story is the fact that Gonzaga University is a Catholic, Jesuit institution. Unbelievable.

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Friday, December 19, 2003

The Logo Graveyard
Where logos go to die.

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Libya to End Its WMD Program
Gee, can you think of any events that happened in 2003 that might have made Libya to drop its WMD program? Now, what has happened that made Moammar change his tune?

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Re: NBA refs
Okay, I'm with you. It's time to launch an investigation. We are going to examine the NBA playoffs since 1990. We are looking for patterns, situations, teams, and Bavettas. And then we will stakeout the 2004 playoffs, to see if we can predict which games will require Dick "the fixer" to officiate. It would also be important to know when and how NBA referees are assigned to games.

Alright, people, let's go!

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NBA Refs -- The Fix is in!
I don't care what Marty Burns says about the NBA refs, I know that Bavetta is a fixer, and that he's sent to big games to do what he can to make sure that the outcome is the 'proper' one. For instance, the guy has ref'ed every single one of the Lakers' Game 7's over the last ten years. Coincidence? I think not.

Okay, I made that last "fact" up. But he does show up at an amazingly large number of opportune times for the NBA, and an amazing number of controversial calls and game finishes follow him around come play-off time. Check out "What was the most disturbing subplot of the playoffs?" I remember, in particular, the two Lakers games he mentions -- simply unbelievable. In the Portland game, Steve Smith is driving to the hoop on a fast break to score a go-ahead layup, and Shaq fouls him into the third row -- literally. Total, utter, complete body check into the third row of seats. Ref is right there. No call. Same with Bibby and Shaq in the Kings game Simmons mentions. Same exact scenario. Both times I felt like throwing up.

And yes, Bavetta worked the last game of the Wolves-Lakers series last year.

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Trenton Hassell
Hassell made a lovely rainbow over Dirk Nowitzki to beat the 1st half buzzer. A very good game for young Trenton. I notice from his bio that he's an Austin Peay alum. I remember when Austin Peay was in the Big Dance many years ago, they had a player named Fly. The A.P. faithful had a cheer, "The Fly is open, let's go Peay!" ("The fly is open, let's go pee!")

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re: Laying some pipe
I think it was mostly the look on both of their faces that led me to the conclusion. That and the fact that Saddam has that hospital-gown-looking thing on.

And let me add that I am a great supporter of the "Humiliate Saddam" movement. I hope they move from tongue depressors to stethescopes and then on to fireplace pokers, etc.

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Re: Mr. Jinx
You are welcome on the Wolves. Interestingly, listening to the radio appears to have the opposite effect. I was in the van last night when I turned on the radio near the end of the game. Moments after I did that, Trenton Hassell pulled down that key offensive rebound that may very well have sealed the game. Maybe I'll have to listen on the radio from now on.

Speaking of jinxes, the Wolves catch a small break this year. All four times that the Wolves play Dallas, Dallas is playing on the second night of a back-to-back. Couldn't ask for much more than that.

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Howard Dean a robot
... one of the more interesting rumours out there.

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Hey, it's just a theory.....
I have this theory that Howard Dean is really a robot, created by the KKK to completely discredit the Democratic party. I don't actually believe it -- it's just a theory.

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"Laying some pipe"?
That's a new one.

It does seem like he's sitting on something, not on the floor. If he is "laying some pipe," we're certainly doing everything we can to humiliate him. I say, keep it up!

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Thank you, Mr. Jinx
Nick, I want to thank you for not watching the Wolves game last night. KG and company beat the Mavericks 114-109. I know, had you watched, they would have lost. Wolves fans everywhere appreciate your efforts.

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Yahoo! News - World Photos - AP
I don't know, is it just me, or does it look like Saddam is, well, you know, laying some pipe here?

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Re: French Diplomats
My suggestion is to engage them in an arms war - of diplomats. Just as Reagan brought down the Soviet Union by forcing them to spend money on arms to keep up with us, let's force France to fold under the weight of too many diplomats. They are obviously trying to keep up with us. I say, let them try!

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Thursday, December 18, 2003

Is this bad?
French Diplomats go on strike

There has to be a joke and/or snide here. There must. I just can't think of it. I thought "how could you tell", but then I realized that these guys work hard at trying to screw us over. Then I thought of "this is a bad thing??" -- and that wasn't really funny because, well, it's so false. No, it's a good thing. Then I'm thinking, this is an Onion article, right? I mean, diplomats don't strike, right? Then I remembered that this is the French we are talking about here.

So, I am at a loss. Suggestions?

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Struck Speechless
I haven't commented on it, because the decision by the Supreme Court to let stand the utterly silly Campaign Finance "Reform" bill left me speechless, in more ways than on. I agree with Robert Samuelson that it is nothing short of a gross constitutional crime. The idea that money is what get's people elected is ridiculous. People's votes get politicians elected, and how politicians spend their money doesn't change that.

Doesn't the law basically codify the idea that we are merely sheep being led around by TV advertising?

It is, frankly, among the grossest violations of free speech in the history of this country. In fact, it may very well be the grossest -- in more ways that one.

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What's the big deal?
I totally do not get this - What is the big deal if Joe Horn wants to call someone after a touchdown? So what? I think it is funny. Why are they fining this guy? Why do they care? What's wrong with it? What rule does if violate? What, exactly, is "excessive celebration"? Does making a phone call even qualify as "celebration"? Why is a phone call bad, and the "Lambeau Leap" okay? Ickey Shuffle? No problem. Billy Johnson's rubbery legs? A novelty. But pull out a Sharpie and sign the ball and -- BOOM! -- you are a jerk and will be fined for...... what, originality?

I think the whole thing is ridiculous. I think that fining these guys is ridiculous. It's fun. Why the big deal? The NFL clearly has stick up an orifice I shan't explicitly name, and needs to remove said stick. Sheesh.

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ScrappleFace: Dean Takes America Back, Bush Gives Refund
I tried to take America back, but I couldn't get cash, only a store credit.

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Fifth picture down, sitting. Is that a guy or a girl?

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I got too much time on my hands, t-t-t-t-t too much time on my hands....
I think it is fairly safe to say that this guy has too much time on his hands.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Not Good for the Haughty, French-looking Candidate
Things are clearly not going well for John Kerry when he can't even out poll Al Sharpton.

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"It is as it was."
See? I told you he was a good guy. The Pope gave the thumbs up to Mel Gibson's The Passion of Christ.

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I hope President Bush recovers well and soon.

I love how you said he was "undaunted". That pretty well sums it all up, doesn't it? And doesn't "daunted" sum it up when one thinks of a <shudder> Gore presidency under the same circumstances?

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Oh, and BTW
I've been trash-bantered by many a man better than you, my friend. 'Tis childs-play here compared to an FA-18 ready room, I assure you.

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Why do the words "white" and "pasty" keep popping into my head?

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That wasn't jogging....
Actually, it's not commonly known, but that wasn't "jogging" that Clinton was doing - the technical term was "DoughBalling".

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the 'Morning-Before pill'
I love this link (from the Corner) to ScrappleFace. They're not sure how the pill works but those who took it, "avoided situations where they might be alone together with any man to whom they were not married." What a concept!

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Re: Mark Steyn
Just a little trash bantering. It livens up the blog. Don't you think?

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W injured
Unfortunately, our very fit President has been having knee pain while running (the article says "jogging," but George runs - Clinton jogged). He'll have an MRI tomorrow. Bummer. But he is undaunted, still working out using an elliptical trainer and running in water.

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Yet More Mark Steyn
Where have I been? Right there with you, man! I'm agreeing with you! Sheesh, you get me going on the guy, Derbyshire threatens to quit writing altogether because he thinks Steyn is so much better than he is, and I was just chiming in with my profound admiration and awe, and you jump on my case! Man, who's grumpy today? ;-)

Voila -- Mr. Steyn is now on our "Should Read" list.

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Mark Steyn, continued
Please note that I've already linked to two Steyn gems below (did you read those?). In other words, where have you been?

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Mark Steyn
Please add Mr. Steyn to your list of must-reads at left.

Thank you so much.

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Mark Steyn, National Treasure
Oh my goodness, do I ever love to read Mark Steyn. This guy is like some sort of living national treasure. Do they have a federal program for the upkeep of national treasures? I bet they do. Steyn should be on their list.

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Clearly.. are right. Genius is rarely recognized in its own time. They say van Gogh died poor.

Hey, wait a minute, was that supposed to be some kind of left-handed compliment??

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.. you will remain unrecognized.

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Clearly I am an unrecognized football genius....
Sometimes my brain is so powerful and amazing that I have to stand back and applaud myself.

Here's an idea for those last second, prevent defenses against the Hail Mary pass:

First, here's the scene -- you see it all the time: Last play of the half, and more often, last play of the game. Ball near midfield, and the team with the ball has no choice but to throw the bomb in a desperate attempt to score a touchdown. The defense's job is under no circumstances to let the ball go into the endzone in an offensive players hand.

Okay, here's what to do: Line up all defensive players (that's all eleven of them) on the goal line. Put two guys on every receiver that crosses the goal line, more if you can. If the QB passes into the endzone, have all eleven guys turn their heads towards the ball and try to catch it. If he throws the ball short of the goal line, send all 11 guys to where the ball is going, and do the same thing. If the ball crosses the line of scrimmage on a run, defend it like a kickoff, swarming all eleven guys towards the ball. If they dink pass out in front of the offensive line, then swarm towards the runner, again like on a kick off.

The key thing to remember here is that the offensive lineman can't be downfield on a pass play! They can't run down and start blocking until the ball is thrown, and on a long pass, there is no way they'd even be a factor. They wouldn't be a factor on even a medium pass. For a short pass, they might be, but the play will have lost all its momentum as the receiver would have to wait for the blocking to get ahead of him, and by then, eleven guys are running full speed at the ball-carrier. If they do throw it into the endzone, you have eleven guys making a play on the ball. As long as they turn and look for the ball, and try to make a play on it, they really can't be called for pass interference.

Why NFL defensive coordinators don't think this stuff up and I do is a great mystery.

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Islamic Iraq?
I read an article yesterday on World Net Daily that surprised and worried me. (I looked for it today, but could not find it.) It talked about the work of the Iraqi Ruling Council as they shape the new system of government. An unnamed aide to Paul Bremer said that whatever they come up with, it will most likely be built on Sharia law. First of all, one must be skeptical about quotes from unnamed sources, but, for now, let's assume it's true. Now, I'm no Muslim expert, but my understanding is that Sharia law is a conservative form of Islamic law. A system of laws that requires head coverings, prayer, etc. A system that treats non-Muslims as a subclass of people. This is not the kind of democracy I envisioned for Iraq. In fact, if we leave Iraq in that condition, I would feel the same kind (maybe not the same magnitude) of sadness that we feel for the Cambodian people who were abandoned by the US Congress in 1975. We would, in the same way, be abandoning the Iraqi people to tyranny and oppression.

I don't know what other people mean when they use the term "democratic form of government," but I know what I mean. While giving the people the right to rule themselves, it must protect the rights of all its citizens. Otherwise, the mob rules. And if the mob decides certain types of people have less rights than others ...., well, you see where I'm going.

This new Iraqi constitution must protect, for all its citizens, the rights of free speech, freedom of religion, and private property. (Am I missing anything?) If the new constitution does not insure these rights for all Iraqis, then the whole mission has been a failure. We will have accomplished nothing by invading Iraq and ousting Saddam Hussein. Not a gol darn thing. What a waste. I pray that President Bush, Rumsfeld, Bremer, et al, have more sense than that.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Power Line: A word from Prime Minister Matak
Leave it to the Powerline boys to pull from history the sad but noble story of Prime Minister Matak of Cambodia as his country fell to the perfectly awful and murderous Khmer Rouge. A heart-rending story indeed, which includes the pathetic response from the US Congress, then run by those repulsive and disgusting Democrats. Having voted to remove funding to defend against the utterly repulsive communist insurgency, these Congressman stood by as millions of people were slaughtered, while the US press fawned over these barbarians.

Let me reiterate: A vote for Dean or whatever patsy the Democrats run against Bush, is a vote for terrorism, and for the murder of innocents. Let there be no doubt.

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Condi for President!
Hey, I'd vote for Condi Rice for President faster than you can say "Hillary Clinton". Not only would she be a great President, she'd easily be the best looking one we've ever had. I am all for it. Good call.

Speaking of Hillary, I'm always amused to the response given to people who express contempt and disdain for the person that is Hillary. They say "you just don't like confident, powerful women". Oh yeah? Then how come I like, admire, and respect Margaret Thatcher, Jeanne Kirkpatrick, and yes, Condi Rice? :-P (There's a little emoticon for you.....)

One note on your comment: Nothing will shut Jesse Jackson up. Nothing. There's far too much money to be made shaking down people because Dr. Rice is an "Uncle Tom house nigger". Clarence Thomas and Colin Powell, too. Believe me on that.

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Better be carefull..
Better be careful, Gary, or you might end up like this

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Dr. Rice
Speaking of Dr. Rice, Mark Steyn offers this comment:

It's just a suggestion but maybe if you're that convinced of Republican stupidity you ought to write about something else between now and, say, the start of Condi Rice's second term in 2013.

I don't know why he picks the start of her second term as a time to resume writing about Republican stupidity - I think he was just looking for a chance to use the phrase, "Condi Rice's second term in 2013". I love that phrase! Would that not be the greatest? President Condaleeza Rice!!! The implications of that are too wonderful to believe possible. Here are some: a) 1st black president is a Republican, b) 1st woman president is a Republican, c) Jesse Jackson & co. are rendered powerless, d) foreign policy is at the forefront of the president's agenda, e) the cry of "racism" in America would be patently laughable, f) another excellent Republican president. There's so much more. Where do I sign up for campaign duty?

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MORE Crichton
Here's more Michael Crichton -- apparenly aliens cause global warming. Well, just kidding, but this speech is as good or better than the one I linked to below.

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Pottymouths for Dean
The only surprising thing I saw in this article about the smut/sleaze/racism-fest Dean supporters put on this week was that Dr. Condaleeza Rice is an accomplished concert pianist.

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A Vote For Dean is a Vote for Losing
I'll go ahead and say it right now --

I assume that Dean will be the Democratic nominee. I'm no expert on how all this works, but as a result of some strange turn of events, he appears to be the one who will win the nomination before a single primary vote has been cast. I suppose that he could not be the guy -- maybe Hillary will jump in, who knows -- but that's just the way it looks. Whatever happens, it seems almost certain that the Democratic nominee will be "anti-war", whatever that means.

So here is what I am going to go ahead and say:

To vote for anyone other than Bush in the 2004 Presidential Election is to vote for more terrorism on US soil.

The Left doesn't get this, but terrorism is the result of weakness. They see weakness (as in, say, eight years of Bill Clinton) and think they can strike us at that point. Well, what could portray weakness more powerfullly than voting out of office the man who is actually standing up to the terrorists? What could portray weakness to the terrorists more powerfully than electing Dean, who clearly is chomping at the bit to rush across the Atlantic and kiss the butt of the French government in a desperate attempt to get them to forgive us for the grievous trangression of actually defending ourselves? (As we all know, there is no greater sin in France than putting up a fight).

Voting for Dean means voting for more airplanes crashing into American skyscrapers. It's that simple.

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Some Democrats are Unpatriotic has a great editorial today by a science fiction writer who says he's a Democrat. (I believe him, there's no reason to doubt him - except for the fact that he's clear-thinking, fair, and honest.) He says:

And the most vile part of this campaign against Mr. Bush is that the terrorist war is being used as a tool to try to defeat him--which means that if Mr. Bush does not win, we will certainly lose the war. Indeed, the anti-Bush campaign threatens to undermine our war effort, give encouragement to our enemies, and cost American lives during the long year of campaigning that lies ahead of us.

... the Iraq campaign isn't over--and President Bush has explicitly said so all along. So the continuation of combat and casualties isn't a "failure" or a "quagmire," it's a "war." And during a war, patriotic Americans don't blame the deaths on our government. We blame them on the enemy that persists in trying to kill our soldiers.

Am I saying that critics of the war aren't patriotic?

Not at all--I'm a critic of some aspects of the war. What I'm saying is that those who try to paint the bleakest, most anti-American, and most anti-Bush picture of the war, whose purpose is not criticism but deception in order to gain temporary political advantage, those people are indeed not patriotic. They have placed their own or their party's political gain ahead of the national struggle to destroy the power base of the terrorists who attacked Americans abroad and on American soil.

Man, I could go on and on quoting this thing but I won't. Read it again and again.

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Oh, Good Grief
You know, I am a big Pope guy. I love the Pope. He stood up to communism and fought for truth and justice throughout the world during a time when it was sorely needed. I don't think the Pope is anyone special -- just another sinful dude like you and me (though he does have a very nice hat). I generally think that Catholic Church is an overall good in the World, but it is full of guys like this jackass cardinal, who apparenly think Saddam's rear-end isn't sitting on a nice enough toilet seat. I wonder if this Cardinal had the same to say for the children in Saddam's prisons, or the people buried in Saddam's mass graves. "Poor, pitiful Saddam. Those Americans are so mean to him." Sheesh. Shut-up and get back to serving the poor and downtrodden, you miserable cleric, you.

I'm a little grumpy today. Can you tell?

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I'd be happy to.
I'd be happy to say it more often -- here you go:

There are few things more lethal and more dangerous in this great land of ours than a well-trained 19 year-old with an M-16 rifle and the proper Rules of Engagement.

I should put this on the Page Of Truth.

There, I just did.

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The Vapidity of Howard Dean
This is why I read The Corner. Clear, concise, to the point criticism of Dean's "Foreign Policy" speech. Full of empty, useless platitudes. Hey, did you know that Howard Dean is against Terrorism, and wants to stop Osama bin Laden? Yes, it's true! Why didn't I think of that?

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Crichton on Enviro-wackos
Got this link off of The Corner. Brilliant, lucid, stuff. Astounding that anyone really has the courage to stand up in a public place and call out the environmental wackos like this. I've read a bunch of Crichton's books (particularly enjoying TimeLine) and had no idea he was so clear thinking. Good stuff. He's totally right -- the ability to discern truth from silliness is a valuable skill all to lacking in public discourse. Just look at our Jerk of the Week.

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As I Always Say
You know, maybe you always say that, but I've never heard it. I think you should say it a little more often.

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SPC Ross is the man!
Hey, great stuff. SPC Ross is a great American hero. I just love stories about small town kids who go off and kill lots of bad guys and generally wreak havoc on the enemy. He probably learned how to shoot back in Kentucky, and had the good sense to take this skill to a place where it was very useful, and employ it in a very useful manner. Plus, as you know, I love any story that involves things blowing up -- especially stuff that belongs to and/or contains useless turds like the terrorist in question here.

As I always say, there are few things more lethal and more dangerous in this great land of ours than a well-trained 19 year-old with an M-16 rifle and the proper Rules of Engagement.

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God Bless Specialist James Ross
This is a story I hadn't heard (from David Frum's diary today):

Here, without one of those accursed links, is the James Ross story: Ross was the sentry who before dawn on Dec. 10, fired 100 rounds at a suspicious car as it hurtled toward an American barracks near Mosul. The car exploded in a bomb blast, shattering windows in the barracks and wounding 58 Americans and an Iraqi translator - but without fatalities. The car contained 1000 pounds of explosives; when it detonated, it left a hole in the ground 15 feet deep and propelled its engine 250 yards. But for Specialist James Ross of Boone County, Kentucky, some 200 American soldiers might have been killed that morning. It would have been Beirut 1983 all over again - with incalculable consequences for U.S. policy and for the people of Iraq. Thanks to Ross' quick action, we are today celebrating instead America's greatest achievement in Iraq since the fall of Baghdad.

The man ought to be a national hero - and I hope the good people of Boone County are getting ready to give him a big welcome home to the country that owes him the lives of a couple of hundred of its bravest and best sons and daughters.

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We Have a Winner!
We have a winner for JackAss of the Week! An elected official, Rep. Jim McDermott (D-Wash) thinks that Bush has had Saddam for a while and waited until this weekend to announce the capture. It's this type of thinking and reasoning that has won Jim the Banterings Jackass of the Week award. Congratulations, Jim!

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Monday, December 15, 2003

Mark Steyn...
... has another great piece prior to the capture of Saddam. Here's an eminently quotable line (in bold):

And so it seems to be. After some particularly vicious bombings of the UN and others, the NGOs mostly fled Iraq in late summer. "It would be rather sobering," I wrote in August, "were Iraq to demonstrate it can get along without them." And what do you know? It's remarkable how quickly a problem goes away once the people with a vested interest in there being a problem go away.

The same thing would happen if the media fled Iraq. They have the same interest in a "Vietnam quagmire" that the NGOs have in a "humanitarian catastrophe," and if anything they work even more assiduously at promoting it.

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Whose Side are they on?
You know whose side they are on, Gary. They are on their side. They are on whatever side means more power for them and less freedom for us.

I agree, though, it isn't hard to see that they aren't on the side of freedom, truth, prosperity, and justice, that is for sure.

And yes, it does keep looking worse and worse for them. Like a nightmare that you can't wake up from, I'm sure.

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average finished above 10,000 for the 3rd day in a row. The Dems grow more and more despondent as our nation's economic health continues to improve. Whose side are they on?

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Re: Re: It is too sad...
Hey, hey, hey. Set aside the put-down book I gave you. As a friend, I'm obliged to shake you from your intellectual slumber and challenge you to exercise your brain once again. The world expectantly awaits!

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Re: It is too sad....
Ahh, so that is how it is going to be, eh? You want to go the insult route. Well, in that case, where's my thesaurus....?

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It Is Too Sad
It saddens me to realize that someone who had my respect for his intelligence is no longer able to comprehend a classic of literature, but is reduced to slathering over a comic book character. A man who, at one time, was able to grasp the timeless truths of epic stories, but now can only be aroused by car chases, nose-crunching punches, and fiery explosions. How the mighty have fallen.

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Speaking of piles of Festering Piles of Slug Vomit
Here's Michael Moore on Saddam's capture. He is such an idiot it hurts every bone in my body just thinking about how much of an idiot he is.

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Okay, no comments on the Lord of the Rings
Okay, I won't say how insrutable LOTR is. I won't comment on how supremely boring the books are. I won't say a word about how the movies -- while pleasurable to watch -- only make sense if you can manage to get through the stunningly boring books. I won't comment on how amazing that scene with Peter, Mary Jane, and the car was. Not a peep from me about any of that. Nope. Not a sound.

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"It is not for us to understand fully what these people were put through."
Andrew Sullivan eloquently comments on the Iraqi journalists reaction to the capture of the filthy, homeless-looking, Nebuchadnezzar wannabe, stack of carrot peelings.

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My stomach hurts
Goodness, I can't get any work done. This stuff is so funny, my stomach hurts from laughing. I've discovered the wonderful Tim Blair Blog, and while reading this post, just about busted a head gasket when I saw this comment:

"I think we should all wait and see where Barbara Streisand comes down on this issue before we choose our course."

And I thought it couldn't get any better! As my drill instructor used to say, "The hits just keep on comin'!"

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There's Only One Ring
Give me horses and swords and damsels and courage over a weeny spiderboy in a red leotard any day. I await The Return Of The King. -- Please, don't tell me how inscrutable the Lord of the Rings series is. I've heard enough. --

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The hits just keep on rolling...
Man, did I choose the wrong month to stop snifffing glue - By Minnesota Native James Lileks

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Putdown Book?
Putdown book? Heck no, mister. You didn't give me no "putdown book". That kind of stuff just flows off my fingers like my money through Ted Kennedy's fingers.

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Holy Freakin' Cow!
The Spiderman 2 Trailer. Holy Makerel!

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I can't get enough of this stuff....
Read here for the troops answer to Saddam:

Saddam: "My name is Saddam Hussein, I am the president of Iraq and I want to negotiate."

US Army: "Regards from President Bush."

I just eat this stuff up like a fat kid at 31 Flavors.

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Great Minds Think Alike

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God Love Our Troops
There are so many great stories in the capture of Saddam, this is one of the best.

"My name is Saddam Hussein," the fallen Iraqi leader told U.S. troops in English as they pulled him out of a dank hole that had become his home. "I am the president of Iraq and I want to negotiate." U.S. soldiers replied: "Regards from President Bush."

-The Associated Press

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"Festering Pile of Slug Vomit"
That's not bad. I guess that book of put-downs I gave you is finally paying off.

[Permalink] (0) comments
Welcome to the
Meet the brave soldiers who captured that festering pile of slug vomit in his rat hole. Hooah! God Bless everyone of them.

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"Let's Hope Something Goes Wrong - and Soon!"
Wonder why I despise the Left? This is why.

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Power Line: Losers
Once again, the Powerline boys get it right. And they make the salient point -- how can anyone seriously believe that Israel could, much less should, cut some "peace" deal with these raving lunatics? The Palestinians operate outside the bounds of reality. What they need to do is to accept the world as it is, go somewhere, get a job, raise their families, stop murdering people, and become civilized. Shoot, they can go to Israel and do that. Whining about not have a 'homeland' is, at this point, just silly. Quit killing people, get a job, and shut up.

[Permalink] (0) comments
Thanks for inviting me. It's great to be here. I'm honored to blog with one of the great bloggers of my generation, Nick Hodges. I am in your debt, sir. My goal is to make you look good - it won't be difficult.

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Sunday, December 14, 2003

If you are a lefty, Saddam's capture stinks.
Apparently, being a Dean supporter means you whine like a baby when a murdering butcher of a scumbag like Hussein gets captured. And after you are done whining about a great event like this, you come up with nutjob conspiracy theories about how it really isn't Hussein.

What a bunch of pathetic, freedom-hating losers.

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Finally Got Him
Well, they finally captured Saddam Hussein. I was kind of hoping that he'd die in the fire fight to capture him, you know? Oh well. I guess it's fitting that he was found in a hole, the dirty scumbag.

I suspect that the decision to whether to take him alive if possible was a tough one to make -- and probably was the subject of much conversation in the Administration. But if there was one guy you wanted everyone in the world to know was no longer on the loose, it was this pile of rat vomit.

I guess the fun starts now -- where to take him? How to charge him? What to do with him? How do we get the information we want out of him?

I wonder if someone will collect the reward.

In any event, congratulations to the troops in Iraq. It's a good day for them. And as always, they are in our prayers.

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Saturday, December 13, 2003

Google Technology
Wow, I always thought that Google had some awesome algorithms and huge rooms full of computers to do all the cool searching stuff they do. Boy, was I ever wrong.

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Giving the news folks the what-for
This cartoon looks like it might be worth keeping an eye on. Seems to give the news media the what-for, and goodness, do they ever need the what-for given to them. For example, here's a good one on the almost total lack of coverage on the recent protests against terrorism in Baghdad. (BTW, that link is on an Iraqi bloggers page.)

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Added the Titles....
Ahh, there, that's better. Now it looks pretty cool.

[Permalink] (0) comments
Backfitted this title.....
I have a new template, but Blogspot doesn't seem to want to update.....

[Permalink] (0) comments
Backfitted this one, too.....
Okay, here we are, Gary. This is the new home to Banterings. I'll be updating it and making it look better as we get it rolling.

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