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Friday, December 19, 2003

NBA Refs -- The Fix is in!
I don't care what Marty Burns says about the NBA refs, I know that Bavetta is a fixer, and that he's sent to big games to do what he can to make sure that the outcome is the 'proper' one. For instance, the guy has ref'ed every single one of the Lakers' Game 7's over the last ten years. Coincidence? I think not.

Okay, I made that last "fact" up. But he does show up at an amazingly large number of opportune times for the NBA, and an amazing number of controversial calls and game finishes follow him around come play-off time. Check out "What was the most disturbing subplot of the playoffs?" I remember, in particular, the two Lakers games he mentions -- simply unbelievable. In the Portland game, Steve Smith is driving to the hoop on a fast break to score a go-ahead layup, and Shaq fouls him into the third row -- literally. Total, utter, complete body check into the third row of seats. Ref is right there. No call. Same with Bibby and Shaq in the Kings game Simmons mentions. Same exact scenario. Both times I felt like throwing up.

And yes, Bavetta worked the last game of the Wolves-Lakers series last year.

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