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Monday, December 22, 2003

Religious Discrimination
I write "Religious Discrimination," but in situations like this, it is almost uniformly Christians being discriminated against.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) does excellent work in challenging discriminatory administrations on college campuses. In this case, a Christian pro-life group (Gonzaga Pro-Life Law Caucus) was denied recognition at Gonzaga University's School of Law. The reason for its disqualification? The group requires their leadership be Christian. Imagine that! We all know that a Muslim can just as capably lead a Christian group as any Christian can. Hindus have a fine record leading Hindu groups, why should they be denied the opportunity to lead a Christian group? Allowing atheists to be leaders would increase the diversity of the group. After all, "diversity is our strength."

It is obviously stupid for Albert Guadagno and the School of Law's Student Bar Association (SBA) to require a Christian group to allow non-Christian leaders. It is also clear that Albert Guadagno and the SBC have an anti-Christian bias and are not dealing fairly with this group. We see it over and over again. The negative attitude coming out against Mel Gibson's "The Passion" is another prime example. There's a spiritual dimension to this attitude. People are exposed to what is right and righteous and are convicted of their own sin and they lash out.

The final irony in the Gonzaga story is the fact that Gonzaga University is a Catholic, Jesuit institution. Unbelievable.

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