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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

God Bless Specialist James Ross
This is a story I hadn't heard (from David Frum's diary today):

Here, without one of those accursed links, is the James Ross story: Ross was the sentry who before dawn on Dec. 10, fired 100 rounds at a suspicious car as it hurtled toward an American barracks near Mosul. The car exploded in a bomb blast, shattering windows in the barracks and wounding 58 Americans and an Iraqi translator - but without fatalities. The car contained 1000 pounds of explosives; when it detonated, it left a hole in the ground 15 feet deep and propelled its engine 250 yards. But for Specialist James Ross of Boone County, Kentucky, some 200 American soldiers might have been killed that morning. It would have been Beirut 1983 all over again - with incalculable consequences for U.S. policy and for the people of Iraq. Thanks to Ross' quick action, we are today celebrating instead America's greatest achievement in Iraq since the fall of Baghdad.

The man ought to be a national hero - and I hope the good people of Boone County are getting ready to give him a big welcome home to the country that owes him the lives of a couple of hundred of its bravest and best sons and daughters.

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