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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

A Vote For Dean is a Vote for Losing
I'll go ahead and say it right now --

I assume that Dean will be the Democratic nominee. I'm no expert on how all this works, but as a result of some strange turn of events, he appears to be the one who will win the nomination before a single primary vote has been cast. I suppose that he could not be the guy -- maybe Hillary will jump in, who knows -- but that's just the way it looks. Whatever happens, it seems almost certain that the Democratic nominee will be "anti-war", whatever that means.

So here is what I am going to go ahead and say:

To vote for anyone other than Bush in the 2004 Presidential Election is to vote for more terrorism on US soil.

The Left doesn't get this, but terrorism is the result of weakness. They see weakness (as in, say, eight years of Bill Clinton) and think they can strike us at that point. Well, what could portray weakness more powerfullly than voting out of office the man who is actually standing up to the terrorists? What could portray weakness to the terrorists more powerfully than electing Dean, who clearly is chomping at the bit to rush across the Atlantic and kiss the butt of the French government in a desperate attempt to get them to forgive us for the grievous trangression of actually defending ourselves? (As we all know, there is no greater sin in France than putting up a fight).

Voting for Dean means voting for more airplanes crashing into American skyscrapers. It's that simple.

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