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Tuesday, December 23, 2003

Of Course the Packers Would Win
We here at Banterings of course extend our condolences and sympathies to the family of Brett Favre upon the sudden loss of his father. The following comments should in no way be taken as in anyway disrespectful.

In my view, Oakland didn't stand a chance last night after it was announced that Favre's father died. Once you get the "He's watching me from above" factor going, there's no way Favre wasn't going to have a great game. If Favre's father were still alive, Oakland might have caught the Pack flat-footed, but once the whole "My father has died and I am going to go out and win this one for him" vibe came it to play, Oakland might has well not even bothered to show up.

Good grief, I hate the Packers. Is there anyway they don't make the playoffs? I actually read that it is possible that we play them here in the Dome in the first round. That might even be better -- I'd love to beat them in a playoff game.

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