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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Al Franken Unilaterally Attacks Heckler
Apparently that paragon of Leftist virtue, that purveyor of "truth", the Human Lie Detector himself, Al Franken, has assaulted a heckler of Dr. Howie. It seems that Sir Franken did this unilaterally without consulting any European allies, and did it in the typical French fashion, attacking the guy from behind. No word yet on whether the heckler actually posed any kind of imminent threat to the good Doctor, or whether Franken will try to justify the attack as "pre-emptive". Dr. Howie was not injured in the attack, nor, unfortunately, was Franken. Reports were sketchy on the medical condition of the heckler after being tackled by the hefty Paragon of All That Is Good.

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