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Friday, January 09, 2004

President Bush's immigration proposal is causing quite a stir out there in the blogsphere, inclucing on The Corner. I am not totally clear on what the President has proposed, but here are my thoughts.

1. People who break the law should be caught and punished.
2. Illegal immigrants are lawbreakers, and therefore #1 should apply to them.
3. We should do everything in our power to stop lawbreaking.
4. We should not suddenly allow people who were breaking the law to suddenly become law-abiding.
5. Anyone who wants to come to this country to work should be allowed to do so -- that is, they should be allowed to come here and work.
6. People who want to come here and not work, but rather take advantage of our welfare, should not be allowed to do so.

That all seems pretty clear to me. In short, I have no problem with people that want to come here to work, and we should facilitate that. What we shouldn't tolerate is lawlessness.

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