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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Nick on Iowa
Boy, those Iowa Democrats sure have mixed things up. Didn't they get the memo from the National Media about how things were supposed to turn out? Here's my take on the whole thing:

  • Dick Gephardt apparently dropped out. That's too bad. He was one of the voices of reason in this crowd (at least relatively speaking.)
  • Dean's poor showing is really the surprise. At least it surprised me more than Kerry's win. (A close second is Edwards. Where the heck did he come from?) But then last night, the guy goes into total meltdown mode. I seriously question his mental well being. Did you hear about this? I guess he went on a total tirade last night, culminating in some sort of primal howling. I personally feel quite disconcerted at the thought of his finger on the nuclear trigger.
  • I think that Dean's poor performance is also a reflection on the folly of expecting real results from the college kid/ types. Guess it was too cold last night. Lileks points out that the messenger is the problem here, not the message, and after that little tirade last night, it really is the problem.
  • And what is with this "caucus" thing, anyway? We do that here in Minnesota, right? Why can't they and we just have an election like normal people?
  • Man, the more I listen to that tirade by Dean, the scarier it gets. Listen via Drudge.
  • Clark and Lieberman didn't contest in Iowa, and I presume that they are viable in New Hampshire. So that makes it a five man race next Tuesday.
  • Bottom line is that there is only one issue for the 2004 Presidential Campaign: National Security. There were only two Democrats on the right side of that issue -- Gephardt and Lieberman -- and Gephardt is already out, and I don't see Lieberman getting anywhere. Thus, the election will come down to a race between one side that wants to protect and defend us and our way of life from murderers, and the other side that wants to suck up to France, and cower in our basements, hoping they won't kill us anymore and wondering why they hate us so much. I feel pretty confident that the American people want to be defended, but heaven help us if we elect some lefty who wants to kiss France's behind. The Democrats have staked out the feckless weasel defense of America position. They can have it as far as I am concerned.
  • Who is the Edwards guy anyway? Where'd he come from again? Man, wouldn't you love him to be the nominee? He'd make Dukakis look like a winner.

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