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Thursday, January 08, 2004

Pete Rose
I was very happy to read Peter Gammons' article called "Rethinking my vote for Rose". I've always disliked Rose, even when he was a player. There was something about that "Charlie Hustle" thing that always bothered me. The haircut -- which I can only describe as "four-year-old-ish" (and which he still has to this day) always reminded me of how immature and childish he was and still is. I've always thought he was a dirtbag, and I've always chafed when people said he belonged in the hall.

Overall, the guy is a total disgrace, to himself, to his family, and especially to Baseball. His faux apology about is psuedo-admission about his betting on baseball (something everyone knows he did) was repulsive. I, myself, can't stand to even listen to him talk. He crassly released his book to take the limelight away from the recent inductees -- Paul Molitor and Dennis Eckersley. That most people want him in the Hall of Fame makes me ill.

I agree with Gammons: "As far as I'm concerned, Rose can go to Cooperstown and sign tawdry items for those who, like him, have no respect for integrity, baseball or the Hall of Fame."

Addendum: Thomas Boswell does Rose even tougher than Gammons did.

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