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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Power Line's Man in Afghanistan
Wow, a powerful report from the Powerline boys. They have a reader in Afghanistan who reports to them regularly. Powerful stuff, especially when you consider the effects on the children. My heart and prayers go out to that poor soldier who threw food to the Afghani girl, only to see her blown up as she went to retrieve it.

I am also struck by the fact that these scumbags, these lowlife vermin who attack our troops, are not Afghanis but foreign terrorists. The Afghanis seem to want a normal life of law, order, and peace (who doesn't?). These murdering piles of cat vomit are the same folks who want us dead here in our homes in America. Praise God that we have a leader like Bush who, though his policies here at home don't always please me, is willing to actually fight these useless dribbles of pig bile. And God Bless the men like Powerline's reporter -- a Reserve Army Major from Minneapolis --who go over there and defend us against these pathetic, murdering losers.

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