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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Re: Davos, part IV
I totally agree about Mr. Nordlinger's reports from Davos. What a fascinating place it must be, with all those smug lefties sitting around getting lectures, and the occasional clear-thinking conservative who gets to give it to them like they usually don't get it. I loved the report about Jack Straw, which I noted below.

I was also interested in his comments on Clinton's speech. Clinton of course talked all about himself, but it was interesting that even The Nord noticed that he wasn't a total jackass, and that he had some interesting points to make. (Interesting more for the fact that it was Clinton that was making them)

And man, talk about a Dream Team: Forbes at the Treasury and Gramm heading up the Federal Reserve? That is far too much to wish for, I suppose. Why Steve Forbes hasn't had a high-profile government job is a great mystery to me.

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