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Friday, January 30, 2004

Re: your posts
Gary -- some comments.

1. I am glad to see Ramesh and hopefully others taking up the cause. Not electing George Bush will be sending a clear message to the terrorists of the world that we are feckless, weak-willed, limp-wristed crap weasels. It will be begging them to come after us. Not re-electing about the only guy in government that is willing to stand up to these fetid cartons full of oozing puss would prove such a message to be absolutely true.

2. I totally agree with you on the Derb's comments. I read them with amazement. He's totally off-base here. He's also been off-base on free trade in The Corner lately as well. Weird.

3. Agreed, too, on Norquist. I applaud his work in the anti-tax arena, but he's gone a little loopy in other areas.

Overall, a strange time for us on the right. I'm none too pleased with what Bush has been up to lately, but I will, of course, vote for him. The thought of a scumbag Vietname protestor and raging liberal like Kerry sitting in the Oval Office makes my blood run cold. What Osama would think of that isn't worth contemplating.

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