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Monday, January 12, 2004

Mark Steyn makes some great points today about illegal immigration. I'll just quote his last paragrah:

The world's most powerful nation has an illegal immigration problem because it has a legal immigration problem. Transferring millions of people from the unofficial shadow network to the arthritic bureaucracy that allowed the problem to get this big is unlikely to solve it.

It seems to me the greatest obstacle to enacting change in the functioning of our nation is the size of the federal bureaucracy. There are far too many federal employees. The majority stay in their jobs from one administration to the next, continuing to do what they've always done even when the goals and plans at the top change. It would, realistically, take 3 or 4 terms as president for someone (Bush, for example) to remake INS into the agency that it should be. The same can be said for the IRS, or the State Dept., or the CIA. It just can't be done by one president.

Federal workers are running our country!

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