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Friday, January 16, 2004

Yet More Glowing Praise and Raging Sycophancy for Jonah
Reading Jonah Goldberg is sort of like watching Michael Jordan play basketball. Jordan was, unquestionably, the best player ever. He consistently filled it up night after night. He played tough defense every minute he was on the court. He never gave up. He was so consistently good, that it was hard for him to astound us. But astound us he did -- even in the lofty realms of his own world, he'd sometimes get into some kind of "super-zone", not just the regular zone that he alone was in, and do something amazing. The championship winning shot against Utah, the dunk over Ewing with a side-comment to Spike Lee, the "Was-going-to-be-a-dunk- but-changed-to-a-left-handed-layup" shot all come to mind.

Jonah is like that. His writing is always so wonderful, so insightful, so staggeringly funny and cutting and spot on that we grow used to it, and we almost don't notice his brilliance. But today's column just takes things to a whole new level. The sarcasm, the cutting yet funny insults of someone so richly deserving of such insults, the keen, clear insight -- he's clearly at the top of his game here. He's clearly risen up into a new level -- he's using a brain and a pen that we mere mortals can't possibly understand, but can merely gape at.

Jonah, Gretzky, Jordan. Birds of a feather.

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