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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Fight here or fight there
I sent, in part, the following to a lefty, terrorist-sympathizing friend of mine.

I'm clear-thinking enough to realize that we are at war with a group of people that would gladly kill my children to send themselves to paradise. I'm clear-thinking enough to realize that we shouldn't be seeking /anyone's/ approval or permission to fight these people. I'm clear thinking enough to realize that basing our defense policy on the alleged popularity of voters in immaterial foreign countries is borderline treason. I'm clear-thinking enough to see who our friends are -- and the French are not our friends. I'm clear-thinking enough to see that it was either us or Saddam, and that the consequences of us backing down and allowing him to thumb his nose at the UN would be catastrophic.

The terrorists hope, of course, that we will take your tack and back down and defeat ourselves -- that we'll just grow weary and leave, so that in our complacency, they can strike again. They are hoping some wimp like Kerry will defeat Bush so that we'll cringe at their threats, crawl to the French begging for permission to defend ourselves, and stop fighting them on their turf so they can fight us on ours. Osama bin Laden, if he's even alive, is delighted at the prospect of a Bush defeat. He'll conclude that we really are weak and that we don't have the stomach to fight him. And you know what? If we elect Kerry, he'll be right.

So, hey, if you want civilians to fight the war on terror in airplanes above the United States, by all means, vote for Kerry. Me? I'm voting for Bush, flush with the firm knowledge that he will carry the fight to the enemy, so that our brave soldiers do the fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq and where ever the scumbag terrorists hole up.

Vote for whomever you want. But don't come around here telling me that voting for Kerry isn't a vote for defeatism, cowardice, capitulation, and appeasement.

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