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Friday, February 06, 2004

"hereinafter referred to as 'that Prick'"
Huh -- turns out that maybe John Kerry isn't the great war hero that he's been made out to be.

This whole issue of Kerry's Vietnam record, and his seeming inability to stop talking about it, will make for interesting campaign fodder. The testimony of the guy in the link above definitely calls into question his "heroism". The more I consider it, the more I tend to believe it. It certainly is possible to nominate yourself for a Silver Star, and it appears that Kerry did indeed do that very thing.

You can read up a bit more about "that prick" here. I read there that he got a freakin' Silver Star for killing one guy that had been running away and had been shot already. A Silver Star for that? Sheesh, that changes everything. Turns out "that prick" hardly did jack to get it! Then it turns out that all three of his Purple Hearts were "band-aid" wounds, but he still took up the Navy on the "Three Purple Heart" rule and bugged out of combat for good.

Some hero. The more I find out about the guy, the less I like him, and I didn't like him much to start with.

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