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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Hey, This Is Good News!
If you intercepted a letter from your enemy that said, "Our enemy is growing stronger day after day, and its intelligence information increases.", would you consider that good news? I would. Would you puff out your chest and tell some people? I would. If you'd been beat up day after day by pundits saying the war is going badly, it was ill-conceived and a mistake, would you crow a bit? I would.

I'm sure you've heard about "the discovery of a 17-page letter from Abu Musab al Zarkawi, written from Iraq in the middle of last month to the leaders of al Qaeda." Michael Ledeen writes about it today in NRO. He continues:

... the letter is a sort of jihadist primal scream. It says that the jihad against the Americans in Iraq is going badly. The Iraqis are not signing up for martyrdom or jihad, they do not even permit the jihadis to organize their terrorist attacks from local houses, and, worst of all, the Americans are not afraid of the terrorists. With that charming neglect of logic that seems to define much of the radical terrorist "mind," Zarkawi says both that the Americans "are the biggest cowards that God has created," and that "America...has no intention of leaving, no matter how many wounded nor how bloody it becomes."

Hey, this is great news! That explains why the press isn't reporting it, but why not the Bush administration? (They need to get Karen Hughes back in town.) They need to be more aggressive, and they probably will be as the presidential capmaign swings into full gear (I think that was a mixed metaphor, wasn't it?). I hope they know what they're doing.

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