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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Jo-nah! Jo-nah! Jo-nah!
J-Gold is on! He hits the proverbial nail on its proverbial head with today's G-file: "In fact, I think what bothers so many liberals about living in a "divided nation" is not that people are split, but that liberals aren't getting their way." That's it! I hadn't thought of that and, of course, that's why he's a highly paid journalist adored by millions - and I'm just a computer jock trying to get by.

It's hilarious to hear Howie Dean describe the 'good old days' (the 60's) when "We felt like we were all in it together, that we all had responsibility for this country.... ". Puhleeze! There was never a more divided time in my lifetime in this country than the 60's - seriously, deeply divided.

More Jonah:
Or take the perennial bleating about "wedge issues." The only reliable definition of "wedge issue" I've ever encountered goes something like this: "Wedge issues are those issues which hurt Democrats at the polls." Meanwhile, the "important issues facing America in this dire time of division" are the issues Democrats do well on.

Exactly. Man, he's good. We may not be the great thinkers Jonah is, but we can feel good about the fact that we're smart enough to make him our hero.

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