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Thursday, February 19, 2004

I haven't blogged much lately, I've been busy. Monday was a holiday, President's Day, which is, of course, a "combination" holiday. We used to celebrate George Washington's birthday on February 22. He was our first Commander-in-Chief, forcing the British to surrender in 1781 after 6 years of battle. In 1789, he was inaugurated the first President of the United States and served 2 terms. He died in 1799 of throat cancer.

The other President we used to celebrate, on February 12, is Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was our 16th President, the only elected office he ever held. It had to have been the most difficult presidency in our history. But he succeeded in holding the Union together, and paid for it with his life. He took office in 1861, and was assassinated shortly after beginning his second term in 1865.

So, like I said, Monday was a holiday. Tuesday my new Tungsten E came in the mail. It's very cool, and I've been spending my time getting better acquainted. Music, photos, spreadsheets, Hearts ...

Anyway, on to Peggy. She wrote today about the Presidential race, noting that the Democrats are highly motivated. But also noting that President Bush is well liked. Two quotes I loved -

About W: "He's responsible. He's not an intellectual. Intellectuals start all the trouble in the world."

About Barbara Bush: "She spoke to me once with great nostalgia of her early days in Texas, when she and her husband and young George slept in the same bed in an apartment in Midland. A prostitute lived in the complex. Barbara Bush just thought she was popular."

Have a nice day.

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