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Friday, February 13, 2004

Re: Leftist Lies
You know, frankly (can I be Frank?), there are 3 problems here.

1) Sleazy campaigning - which, I'm sorry to say, has been around forever.

2) Partisan journalism - once-respected journalistic institutions are pushing these stories. I don't know if it's always been this way, but the big-name fixtures of journalism are pursuing these stories in a way that presumes guilt (of Bush) or innocence (of liberals). They are also assigning far too much weight to allegations and innuendo. What am I saying? There seems to be a diminution of wisdom, sagacity, proportion, understanding. They can't settle down. They think they're in control of themselves, but they act like cats rolling on a carpet doused with catnip. They've lost it completely!

3) Public gullibility - this remains to be seen. Polls are showing bogus stories like "Bush lied about WMDs" are having an impact on popularity or job approval. Polls are polls. They can be influenced by the questions asked, they depend on the "feelings" of the mostly non-voting public. What remains to be seen is the impact on voters.

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