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Thursday, February 19, 2004

re: Peggy
Gary, Peggy Noonan is a national treasure. May God Bless her. What a wonderful woman. She clearly understands President Bush, and recognizes the solid, wonderful man that he is. Are we not blessed to have such a Godly man as President? I pray every day that Americans recognize what a fine, strong leader he is and that he is re-elected. God help us if John Kerry become President. President Bush isn't perfect, but he clearly sees that we need to defend ourselves against terrorism. I fear for our nation if the electorate doesn't see that President Bush is the only candidate that realizes we need to fight and kill the evil men that would kill our children if given the chance.

Now, do we need any more proof that Peggy Noonan is a wise woman when she says "Intellectuals start all the trouble in the world."? My goodness -- truer words were never spoken.

Evil starts with the belief that "I know what is good for you better than you do.". And of course, is in not clear that this statement the root of everything that the left stands for?

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