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Monday, February 23, 2004

Re: Rummy
I should be embarrassed to continue quoting someone else's blog, but the Powerline guys are great - no embarrassment here!

They review an excerpt of Rowan Scarborough's new book called Rumsfeld's War. Highlights from the book excerpt:

Donald H. Rumsfeld sat in a vault-like room studded with video screens and talked with President Bush as the Pentagon burned. "This is not a criminal action," the secretary of defense told Bush over a secure line. "This is war."

Rumsfeld's instant declaration of war, previously unreported, took America from the Clinton administration's view that terrorism was a criminal matter to the Bush administration's view that terrorism was a global enemy to be destroyed. This would be a global war, Rumsfeld said, and he planned to give Special Operations forces — Delta Force, SEALs and Green Berets — unprecedented powers to kill terrorists.

But Rumsfeld demanded results. At a conference of commanders at the Pentagon, he pulled Holland aside. "Have you killed anyone yet?" he asked.

Amen. Vintage Rummy.

But the Powerline guys cap it off with the point that we should repeat every day until Nov. 2:

There it is, in a sentence: the reason why it is absolutely essential that this adminstration remain in place, and that conservatives put aside whatever quarrels they have with President Bush until the election is over. We are at war, and one of our parties doesn't know it.

We are at war, and one of our parties doesn't know it.

We are at war, and one of our parties doesn't know it.

We are at war, and one of our parties doesn't know it.

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