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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Something I don't Get
By now everyone knows of the rampant lawlessness going on in San Francisco, with some silly city employee illegally issuing "gay marriage" licenses to homosexual "couples". As part of all these news stories, I see lots of pictures, many of them of lesbian couples. Now, almost invariably, one of these lesbians in the pair is, well the "wife", and one is, well, the "husband". (If you missed my subtle allusion, what I am saying is that one of the gals is feminine, and the other one is quite "butch", trying very hard to look like a man. Some of them succeed, causing me to have to give a second look). So what I don't get is, if you are a lesbian, why are you attracted to women who want to look like men? In other words, it seems incongruous to me -- that there would be two types of lesbians -- those looking for "female" lesbians and trying to look masculine, and vice versa. It just doesn't make sense to me. It seems to me that there are indeed two kinds of lesbians as described above, and that the ones who are feminine looking for masculinity in their women are the really strange ones. I mean, if you are a lesbian, you like women, right? Not men, so why are you going for manly looking women?

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