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Thursday, March 18, 2004

Al Franken is a Big Fat Idiot
Al Franken is such a jerk. He's held up as some great gadfly from the left, but he's just always wrong and silly and ignorant. (I've written about Franken before.)

Rich Lowry skewers him today on NRO for his review of Lowry's book Legacy. Rich is able to go on and on about gross errors and the horrible ignorance in Franken's review. What a doofus. People buy this guys book and think he's some great critic, when in fact he's totally content-free and has nothing but vacuous accusations totally unsupported by any facts. Ann Coulter had to do the same thing as Lowry -- respond to the endless errors -- when Franken wrote about her in his silly book. You think he might get a clue and actually do some research, but no, he just keeps spreading his lies -- in a book accusing the Right of being liars, no less!

The best part of Lowry's scathing rebuttal is Lowry catching Franken in a spectacular Dowdism (i.e. selective quoting). Scroll down to the bullet point that starts with "Reagan" and look at how Franken culls quotes from Lowry to make a "point". Utterly reprehensible.

The Left is just so pathetic. I have nothing but contempt for their bankrupt ideas.

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