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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Eurosocialism Sells Out
This is a great post over at the PowerLine. Great analysis, and an angle I hadn't even considered. Europe is simply capitulating to the Islamofacists, and thus will be their whipping boy. The "new, but hardly improved" Spanish government basically has to fulfill every wish of the terrorists, or they will continue to be attacked. Spain now becomes a safe launching point for terror against Europe. Europe, which has been pursuing the workers paradise under the umbrella of US protection (which we should remove immediately, by the way), now has basically an Al Quaeda client state sitting on it's eastern border. The French can't be too happy about that. So, the supposedly free-from-terrorism Europeans who tried so desparately hard to avoid pissing off the terrorists find themselves sitting with a virtual terrorist state right in their midst. It's almost like they deserve it.

The Spanish have placed themselves in a horrible position -- they've basically placed themselves in the position of prison bitch to Al Quaeda. Al Quaeda attacked, and Spain folded like a cheap beach chair. They get "peace" at the price of being what will eventually amount to a terrorist state. This Zapatero joker isn't running Spain, Al Qaeda is. If Osama says jump, Spain has to say "How high?" You need a place to hang out and plan attacks through Europe? No problem, just don't attack us again. Oh, and here's my personal cell number if you need anything else." What feckless crapweasels. Great, Spain, you guys are really great. You are the first country to actually make terrorism work. They bomb you, you guys bend over. Great.

Fight terrorism, and they will leave you alone. Appease it, and the will strike you in your weakness. Hindrocket at Powerline was right -- feels like the 1930's all over again.

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