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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Interesting Question
The situation with Kobe's accuser is interesting. "Advocates" fear a fallout, that victims won't come forward.

By the same token, this girls sex life -- it seems to me -- is utterly central to the facts of the case. If she's a harlot, and had sex with other men right before or right after the incident with Kobe, that absolutely should be an issue available for examination for Bryant's lawyers. Actions have consequences, and if someone is a slut, and then is actually sexually assaulted, then the fact that you've been a slut is very germane to the case; one has to live with the choices that one's made. If there are other ways that this woman might have been injured -- i.e. she had sex with other men around the time that she alleges that Bryant injured her -- then that is in my view totally relevant to Kobe's case.

In Bryant's case, this woman showed up for a rape kit check with someone elses semen in her panties! It wasn't Kobe's! How can that not be germane? Any injuries she may have had obviously could have come from some other encounter that she's had. Clearly that is something that the jury should be allowed to know and use in their deliberations. I'm not saying anything about Bryant's guilt or innocence; I just want justice to be done. But if I were in Bryant's shoes (God Forbid!), and particularly if I were innocent, then I very much would want the fact that this woman was catting around to be part of the evidence that I can present in my defense.

The lesson here? Don't be a slut and don't fool around on your wife.

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