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Monday, March 22, 2004

Kerry Quote of the Day
I'm going to try to institute a new feature here at Banterings -- the "John Kerry Quote of the Day". Today's quote:

"We are continuing a defense buildup that is consuming our resources with weapons systems that we don't need and can't use.' -- John Kerry in 1984 on the Reagan defense build-up."

So if Kerry had his way, we would have fought both Gulf Wars with Vietnam era equipment.

More disturbing is Kerry's inability to see the need for new equipment and manpower to defend our nation. Read more about it from Rep. J. D. Hayworth on NRO.

Here's the money quote from that article:

Among the systems John Kerry said he wanted to cancel were the B-1 bomber, the Apache helicopter, the Patriot anti-missile system, the Aegis cruiser, the AV-8B Harrier jump jet, the F-15, the F-14 A and D models, the Phoenix air-to-air missile, and the Sparrow air-to-air missile. And those Tomahawk cruise missiles that have become the standoff weapon of choice? Kerry wanted to cut the program in half.

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