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Friday, March 19, 2004

McCain Defends Kerry's Record on National Security
In a city full of huge egos, John McCain's surpasses them all. He wasn't getting enough attention, so he went out and did his "renegade Senator" bit.

"I do not believe that he is, quote, 'weak on defense,' " McCain (Ariz.) said on NBC's "Today" show.

Asked on the CBS "Early Show" whether he agreed with Vice President Cheney's assertion that Kerry is a threat to national security, McCain said: "I don't think that. I think that John Kerry is a good and decent man. . . . I think he has different points of view on different issues, and he will have to explain his voting record. But this kind of rhetoric, I think, is not helpful in educating and helping the American people make a choice."

What? Only two shows? What could be more important than getting some pub, John?

The guy sitting in a Vietnamese POW camp, listening to John Kerry's Senate testimony being read by his guards, is a distant memory.

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