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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Not A Good Day
in Falluja, Iraq. Four American civilians were killed, their bodies dragged through the streets and hung from bridges. Also, in a separate incident, 5 American troops died when a large roadside bomb exploded under their vehicle.
Men with scarves over their faces hurled bricks into the blazing vehicles [of the civilians]. A group of boys yanked a smoldering body into the street and ripped it apart. Someone then tied a chunk of flesh to a rock and tossed it over a telephone wire.

"Viva mujahedeen!" shouted Said Khalaf, a taxi driver. "Long live the resistance!"

Nearby, a boy no older than 10 ground his heel into a burned head. "Where is Bush?" the boy yelled. "Let him come here and see this!"

Masked men gathered around him, punching their fists into the air. The streets filled with hundreds of people. "Falluja is the graveyard of Americans!" they chanted.
You just want to shake your head and laugh at these morons, except good men are getting killed. So then you want to just mow them all down, but that wouldn't be helpful either. Ultimately, I'm glad there are brave men and woman over there who know what the right thing is, and are willing to do it. God bless them.

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