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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Oh, What the Heck
Oh, what the heck. We're piling on Kerry today -- what's one more?

Be sure not to miss Rich Lowry in National Review Online today on Kerry. He makes a great point -- that Kerry doesn't really mean what he says. For instance, if you are a Lefty, then anyone who opposes gay "marriage" is a fundamentalist bigot. But these days, Kerry says he opposes gay marriage. Why isn't he a fundamentalist bigot? Because the Lefties know he doesn't really mean it. So he says what he doesn't mean to sound good, because we all know if he supported gay marriage out loud, he'd get killed.

That's only one example of what Kerry is all about, er, well, sort of what he's about. It's hard to tell, actually. But Lowry has more examples.

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