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Thursday, March 04, 2004

"Margaret" (as Chris Matthews calls her) Noonan writes today about the Democrats' "JFK disease." As always, she's insightful and comfortable. Two great points stand out to me:

"That Mr. Kerry is a boring man means the election will be dirty and vicious. If he were interesting and dynamic and sunny, if he seemed both experienced and sincere, he arguably could win the upcoming race without letting his campaign get unduly nasty. But he is a charm-free zone on the stump, and he has offered no galvanizing political philosophy or higher meaning. His people will feel the only way he can win is to be uniquely destructive."

And this one is a 3-run homer, down 2 in the bottom of the ninth.
"The great unmentioned fact of Democrats in power and foreign policy right now is that they try hard to do nothing, because if they were to do something it would be what Republicans do. And they don't want to do that."

You gotta love Peggy.

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