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Friday, March 19, 2004

Re: Kerry in Idaho
Nick, thanks for the link to the NYTimes article, it provided a good laugh. I sensed, as I'm sure you did, that the reporter (DAVID M. HALBFINGER) was having a litle fun at Kerry's expense - not exactly the sycophantic slobbering you typically hear from the media.

"indoor John and outdoor John" -- for a story about a vacation at a wilderness hideaway, this can have more than one meaning.

Moreover, a New York Times/CBS News poll indicated that many Americans were beginning to see him as the kind of politician who says what he thinks people want to hear. -- not very flattering.

A top-flight racing bicycle was also along, in case Mr. Kerry, as serious a biker as he is a schusser, chose to go for a spin. -- On the radio today, Rush has word from a friend in the area that someone has been working hard to clear the bike paths there in case Kerry feels like taking a spin.

The image-conscious candidate -- another jab.

After a fall on the slopes -- When asked about the mishap a moment later, he said sharply, "I don't fall down," then used an expletive to describe the agent who "knocked me over." -- The good Senator from Massachusetts seems to have a bit of a potty mouth.

"I'm going tentatively, but prettily," she said, wearing tight black pants and a flaming red jacket. -- that was Mrs. Heinz-Kerry, not Mr.

"Hey, John! What foreign leaders talked to you?" -- as he was eating lunch on the patio. -- Mr. Kerry beat a retreat back into the lodge, to an upstairs, out-of-the-way dining area where he would be sure to draw even less attention. -- big baby.

"Snowboarding really keeps you in the now moment," said Mr. Riggins. -- In the now moment? Who says things like that?

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