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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Runner-up Crapweasel of the Week
Even though he's always a frontrunner for Crapweasel of whatever time period you choose, I believe Sen. Kennedy should be recognized for his outstanding achievement in weaseltude. Think about what the Dems have done to President Bush's judicial nominees, and then read what Kennedy said about the Republicans refusal to consider his minimum wage hike amendment to the Welfare Reauthorization Bill (H.R. 4),
"I think we are on notice now. Are we supposed to assume the majority is only going to permit amendments which they approve? Is that going to be the new rule of the U.S. Senate? After 230 years, we are only going to permit votes which we, the Republicans, approve? That is what we are saying. Is that the institution the American people thought they had in the U.S. Senate? Is that what they thought we were doing here? Come on. Come on. That is not the Senate I was elected to or that I believe in and that the American people do."
Oh, please.

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