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Thursday, March 25, 2004

A Sad, Sordid Affair
The story of the teenage suicide bomber is a sad, sordid, pathetic tale. Normally I have nothing but contemp for murderers, but this one is different. Apparently this boy - he's 14! -- is well below average on the IQ scale, and was recruited to be a suicide bomber by the human filth that is the Palestinain Authority. He was promised the standard '72 virgins' in heaven, and believing that was his only way to get a girl, took the offer, and about $80, to do the deed. It seems the kid was gullible and "wanted to be a hero". (Don't we all) To his credit, he was too afraid to go through with it, and the Israelis were able to explode the bomb safely. I feel for this poor kid.

I have nothing but pity for this unfortunate boy, and nothing but vile contempt for those who put him up to it. Exploiting a dim-witted child is sick and beyond description. It is outside the bounds of human behavior -- only an animal would do something like this.

Addendum: Tim Blair points out that the Palestinians sent this kid off to die, and the Israelis saved his life.

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