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Thursday, March 11, 2004

The Saudi War on George Bush
It looks like trouble for the President. According to this article in The American Thinker, the Saudis are subtly tightening oil supply in order to slow or halt our economic recovery for the purpose of endangering the President's reelection. If this is true, why doesn't the administration tell the public that oil prices are up because Saudi production is down? The author, Ed Lasky, says,

The Bush Administration, which still needs to deal with the Saudis, and many other repressive Arab regimes on the receiving end of Saudi largesse, undoubtedly perceives what is going on, but is constrained by the norms of diplomacy from openly acknowledging the reality of the situation.... Neither the Bush Administration nor the Saudis can afford to have explicit and open conflict disrupt important ongoing common interests.

But something has to be done. If it's not in the Saudis' interest to be seen as throttling the US economy, Bush could use that as leverage against them. Also, isn't Iraqi oil output increasing? Can't the Iraqis flood the market with oil? I don't know, I'm worried.

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