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Thursday, March 04, 2004

The Terrorists Want Kerry to Win
And, as Lileks point out, some conservatives want to help them.

You and I have talked about this before, Gary. Clearly the terrorists and the rogue dictators of the world prefer a wimpy, crybaby, French-ass-kissing President like Kerry would be, as opposed to Bush, who along with Sec. Rumsfeld is efficiently killing them and running them out of power. Conservatives are justly unhappy with Bush on the domestic front, and threaten to "sit out this one" in protest. Some protest when it gets Kerry elected.

Conservatives who are considering not voting for Bush need to realize that doing so plays right into Kerry's and the terrorists hands. Domestic/economic issues are important, but the safety and security of our nation is infinitely more important.

Besides, do you actually believe Kerry won't try to raise taxes?

Lileks sums up nicely the point that we both see more clearly each day: There's a war on and one party doesn't even know it.

At least we'll have a clear choice in November. Bush is serious about the war. The Democrats are serious about the war against Bush.

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