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Monday, March 15, 2004

Thanks a lot, Spain
Mark my words -- this is a very dark day for the US. Why? Because Osama Bin Dirtbag now knows that he can influence elections to his advantage. I had respect for Spain for standing with us in the war on terror, but now they have proven themselves to be just another wimpy European country.

This doesn't bode well for our upcoming election. I think that Al Qaeda will now be emboldened, thanks to the Spaniards, to execute a big attack near our election in an attempt to get that lefty, wimp weasel Kerry elected. The frightening thing is that it may very well work. I confess a lack of faith in the fortitude of the American people. There are large swaths of soft, squshy, self-satisfied people who prefer comfort over all else, even freedom.

Things aren't looking good for the land of the free. I'm not sure it's the home of the brave anymore.

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