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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Catching Up....
Yes, I have been remiss from this blog for quite a while. I've been out of town, and haven't taken the time to comment. Here's a catchup post:

Wolves -- I think we should be very proud of our Wolves. I predict a win tonight to take the division and the #1 seed in the Western Conference, which is really the #1 seed in the NBA, as Indiana would be lucky to make the playoffs in the West. I think that the Wolves are very capable of beating anyone in the league in a 7-game series, which means I think it is very possible that they could win it all.

Korea -- I don't care if we leave the DMZ. Frankly, I wish we'd pull out of Korea altogether, and leave those ungrateful South Korean college students to figure out how to avoid being overrun by the North. They want us out? Okay, we'll leave.

Disgusting Ad in Florida -- I saw that ad about Rumsfeld. What a pathetic, gross display. Isn't it a crime to threaten a government official like that? If not, it should be. The Left has no shame. The interesting thing about Rumsfeld is that if you were to ask the typical "man on the street" what qualities he'd like to see in a Secretary of Defense, he'd probably describe Rumsfeld to a 'T'. Rumsfeld is tough, honest, forthright, smart, dedicated, and totally above politics. He's all about fighting the war and killing terrorists. He's already super-wealthy, so he has no political axe to grind for making money and writing a book. He's as fine a man as you could ever want to be a high-ranking government official, and yet he's reviled for those very qualities. (The same is true for our great Attorney General, John Ashcroft) This just reveals to me the true character of the Left: They are totally uninterested in things like integrity, honesty, and love of America

"Iraq as Vietnam" -- This is really repulsive to me. Ted Kennedy ought to be drawn and quartered. These Lefties are actually hoping that things go bad in Iraq. They are hoping and praying that things turn out bad just so they can win the election. Politicizing the war against terror is disgusting. Kennedy ought to be tried for treason; his words demoralize our troops and give aid and comfort to the enemy. I hate that guy.

Tiger at Fort Bragg -- I think what he's doing (did?) is great. Tiger is a fine man with a very healthy respect for the things that the US Army does. Not only does his visit pay respect to the Green Berets, it is an homage to his father. I have nothing but respect for Tiger for the way he respects and honors his parents. (Is there a finer man in sports today, really, than Tiger?)

Marines -- I don't have even the slightest doubt the the Marine Corps will show their mettle in Fallujah. We should thank God everyday for the United States Marine Corps.

That ought to get me caught up.

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