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Friday, April 09, 2004

The win tonight by the Timberwolves was HUGE. I was watching, and they were being beaten. I then flipped away, watched Letterman for a while, and when I come back, Bibby misses a wide open layup, Sam gets the steal, Wally misses, and (who else?) my main man Erv Johnson gets the Play of the Night -- a tip in to take the lead by six, and for good. It always seems like Erv is making the unheralded, but utterly key, play to make the difference. I love Erv.

Anyway, the Wolves are the best in the West, which makes them the best team in the league. (No serious person thinks Indiana would crack the top six seeds in the West.) They can run the table and win the number one seed. Shoot, they could probably even drop one and win it, as they hold the tie-breaker over Sacramento -- another reason that tonights win is just huge.

And you know what? All they need to do is win the first round, and the season is a great success. Anything past that is gravy. And by winning in Sacramento tonight, they proved that can beat anyone anywhere. And if you can do that.....

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