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Monday, April 12, 2004

Jonah Goldberg
Nick, your buddy Jonah gives a fairly serious critique of Ted Kennedy's oral flatulence last week. Of course, all of Jonah's work is serious because it is substantive, but he often interjects humor - to our great delight. Well, this one's no laughing matter, and rightly so. Let me use Jonah's words.
The Arab street doesn't know that Kennedy's a partisan hatchet man. All it knows is what it is told — which in this case is that one of America's most revered senators and the brother of JFK has declared that Iraq is the equivalent of Vietnam and that the violence in Iraq means Bush should go. If that's not a signal to our enemies that America is losing its resolve and that continued violence is worthwhile, I'm not sure what is.

... the best way to guarantee that Iraq turns out to be a failure is to act as if it's a failure.

The North Vietnamese "won" the Tet offensive and ultimately Vietnam because they forced America to lose its nerve. That's what al-Sadr and bin Laden have been counting on from the beginning as they try to persuade Muslims to kill Americans. And I'll bet they think Ted Kennedy's whistling their tune.
Ted Kennedy's not alone, either. Most of the leaders of the Demcratic party are whistling the tune - Kerry, Gore, McAuliffe, Dean, Pelosi. The only ones who aren't are Daschle - because he's got a tough race for reelection going in conservative South Dakota - and Bill Clinton - I guess because if Bush has blood on his hands, Bill is swimming in it.

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