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Friday, April 23, 2004

More Lowry v. Corn
I should say something about the debate itself. Dave Nimmer (former WCCO TV guy) was the moderator and did a capable job. He let the guys talk freely and did very little talking himself. Corn and Lowry really only covered 2 topics, the war in Iraq and the economy. Rich started and gave a persuasive defense for going to war. David Corn said Bush lied about the reasons to go, and that other options should have been explored. On the economy, Corn hit on the "not enough jobs" and "tax cuts for the rich" mantras, while Rich pointed out this is the best economy in 20 years.

The audience (more conservative than liberal, I'd say) brought up a few different topics in the their questions. The guys (Rich and David) were funny, well informed, and persuasive. Rich was dressed better. Overall, I'd say Rich won, but I'm probably not quite a neutral observer.

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