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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Ouch! That's Gotta Hurt
Dorothy Rabinowitz has a scathing article in the Wall Street Journal today, letting the 9/11 widows have it. Apparently there has been a collection of them, the "Jersey Girls" who have shamelessly been exploiting their status as wives of 9/11 victims. Rabinowitz's article does a great job of cutting them down to size, and exposing them as the small, bitter people that they appear to be. For instance, one of them says:

"We simply wanted to know why our husbands were killed. Why they went to work one day and didn't come back."

Well, the answer to that is quite simple, and blatanly obvious to all: Your husband didn't come back from work because 19 crazed lunatics murdered them. Turning on the Bush Administration and claiming that some vaguely written, classified memo would have saved his life is, in my view, shameful.

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