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Friday, April 16, 2004

Rich Lowry
I wrote Rich a note yesterday on the "Iraq as Vietnam" issue:
From everything I've read about Vietnam, we could have, and should have, won. We retreated and gave up because of the public outcry. The public was against it because the media was against it and a large segment of the political leadership was against it. All of this is true of our current situation in Iraq, except for the retreating and giving up part. That will happen with a Kerry presidency (God forbid).
Today he comes out with a column echoing my thoughts.
So let's speak a language that liberals can understand: Iraq is another Vietnam. Fallujah is another Tet. And that's exactly why our cause is just, necessary, and can succeed, so long as the Left doesn't create a self-fulfilling prophecy of defeat -- just like it Vietnam.

... The relentlessly downbeat coverage matters, because national will is important, and as in Vietnam, the consequences of failure in Iraq would be catastrophic.

... The humiliation in Vietnam also led to a broad retreat of American power.
Coincidental? I don't think so. I'm not going to demand credit, I'm happy to help out my esteemed collegue. He sums:
So in these ways, at least, Iraq is indeed another Vietnam. All the more reason for sufferers from the Vietnam Syndrome to be more responsible in their rhetoric and in their history. Unfortunately, they are very skilled at disparaging a U.S. war effort. They learned to do it during Vietnam.
You're wlecome, Rich.

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