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Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Basketball Stats Dream Site
This site totally rocks for basketball stats. It has some amazing statistics, including all sort of interesting things about the Wolves.

For instance, Minnesota has four of the top twenty "Clutch Performers", including Trenton Hassell(!). In addition, the tandems of both Garnett/Cassell and Garnett/Sprewell are two of the best five pairs in the league. (Note that Reggie Miller compromises half of the other three....)

Here's the Timberwolves Page. Note that only Garnett and Casell cause the Timberwolves to get worse when they sit down. Everyone else causes the Wolves to get better when they aren't playing. I note that Olowakandi's overall value is higher than I would have guessed -- he's slightly more valuable than Sprewell. Szczerbiak is actually better than I would have guessed, and my man Erv Johnson lower. N Ote th

Erv is redeemed when you look at this page, where "Five man units" are evaluated. Give Saunders some credit for having the best group of five starting every game.

Other things to note: Give a look at the Spurs page, and see that Duncan isn't even the most useful player on the team! Garnett is well ahead of him in on court and off-court value, though I suppose that that speaks volumes about Duncan's teammates. But who the heck is Matt Carroll? Clearly he should be playing more.

Anyway, what a cool site. I'm definitely going to be pouring over it over the playoffs.

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