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Tuesday, May 11, 2004

"I was just doing my job, I did the same thing every other Marine would have done, it was just a passion and love for my Marines, the experience put a lot into perspective."

That's what USMC CAPT Brian Chontosh had to say after winning the Navy Cross, the highest award for valor that the service can give without approval from Congress.

And I suppose he is right. It is the job of every Marine to kill the enemy. But CAPT Chontosh did it in a "ferocious" and "audacious" way. (You can read about what CAPT Chontosh did here). I get all choked up reading stuff like that. Marines know how to kill the enemy.The Marines represent all that is good and strong and right with our country. They embody duty, honor, courage, and a ferocious desire to defend America and kill its enemies. I love that. I just love that.

I should have joined the Corps instead of the Navy, and I would have gotten to hang around with guys like CAPT Chontosh. God bless him.

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