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Monday, May 31, 2004

Prediction for Tonight's Game
It's tough to make predictions about the Wolves in the playoffs, since the league has clearly fixed things as best they can for the Lakers to win. Who wins depends so very much on who the league schedules to referee the games.

So my first prediction is that if Danny Crawford referees that game, then the Wolves will lose, as they always do when Crawford refs their playoff games. If Crawford refs tonight, it is just another piece of evidence that the fix is in.

If Crawford doesn't referee tonights tilt (and sadly, I predict he will be) then I believe that the Wolves have a chance. Strangely, I think against the Lakers they are better without Cassell, and I think that the Lakers are hopelessly overconfident. The pressure is on the Lakers, because I assure you that they don't want to play a Game 7 in the Target Center.

Let me add as well that I hate and despise the Lakers. I think they are smug and arrogant. I think Shaq is a jerk and a cheater, and I think he gets away with tons of fouls and travelling. It grates on my ears like finger nails across a blackboard to listen to that big, stupid, lazy whiner complain about getting fouled. I can't stand watching him hop and jump and travel all over the court. The utter lack of integrity of the league in letting him do as he pleases makes me want to puke. Garnett is ten times the man he is, and plays with ten times the skill and ten times the heart. And I hope Kobe goes to jail.

But most of all, I want to wipe that smug, cocky, arrogant smile off of Phil Jackson's face.

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